About Us

Company Vision and Philosophy


We are the One-Stop Shop for Everything in Outdoor Camping, Mountain Biking, Paddle Boarding, Canoeing, Kayaking, Electric Bikes, and Golfing.


With so many choices around for Shopping Outdoor Sporting Supplies, we decided to provide products which we hand pick from our suppliers for cost conscience consumers like you.


When we were looking to buy a Raft, we found that going to a retail brick and mortar store gave us lots of choices, but these choices were always too expensive for our pocket book.

So, this is what led us to bring Outdoor Sporting at an affordable price For Everyone.


After many years serving corporate America running and building Computer departments, I founded Carpizzo’s Agora Outdoor Sports Marketplace so that I could express my love for the outdoors and help others who are interested to achieve fitness by enjoying the outdoors.


Pete Cardiasmenos, CEO

Anthony Pizzoferrato, President

Bella Zoe Our 1st Outdoor Enthusiast!

What are you really obsessed about?

Treats, Treats, and more Treats. Rolling on my back in the grass and going with my other Bischon friends.

What is your hidden talent?

I like to follow Hand Signs.

What are your favorite things you like to work on?

Helping my Daddies setup the tent when we go outdoors. I especially like to take the tent ropes and hold them while they are trying to setup the tent. (Ha Ha)

What is your favorite Ecommerce Site?

Carpizzo’s Agora, silly.

What is your favorite Social Media site?

None, I like to communicate the old fashioned way. Woff- Woff- Woff!